Pani Puri adulterated business, FSSAI investigation finds cancer causing elements


A recent inspection conducted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) found that nearly 22% of Pani Puri samples taken from across the state of Karnataka did not meet safety standards. This incident comes just days after the food safety officer banned the use of artificial colors in kebabs, gobi manchurian, and Bengali sweets.


Recently, FSSAI also tested Pani Puri carts and some famous eateries. According to a Deccan Herald report, Pani Puri samples were taken from 79 places in Karnataka. Out of these, 41 samples were found unsafe as they contained artificial colors and even cancer-causing elements. While 18 other samples were considered of poor quality and unfit for consumption. Chemicals like Brilliant Blue, Sunset Yellow, and Tartrazine were found in the samples taken by the department officials.

What did the Food Safety Commissioner say?

Food Safety Commissioner Srinivas K said that after FSSAI received many complaints, it was decided to test the quality of Pani Puri. Srinivas said that since Pani Puri is a popular chaat, they received many complaints about its quality. Samples were taken from all types of outlets across Karnataka, from roadside eateries to famous restaurants.

Test results

The test results showed that a large number of samples were not fit for consumption. The Food Safety Commissioner also informed that officials are currently analyzing the results to better understand the impact of these chemicals. He also assured that FSSAI will enforce safety standards at small eateries and take action against violators.

Risk of heart disease too

Dr Vishal Rao, Dean of the Centre for Academic Research at HCG Cancer Centre, said that these artificial colors can cause a variety of health problems ranging from stomach upset to heart disease. Some can even cause autoimmune diseases or even kidney failure. There is a great need to stop their use because they have no value other than food, they only make food look attractive.

Earlier, FSSAI had targeted and inspected more than 700 shops at over 200 bus stands in Karnataka. These shops were either selling expired products or were operating without an FSSAI license. A senior FSSAI official told The New Indian Express that during the inspection, they found an outlet at the Malur bus stand in the Kolar district, which was selling only expired items, including chips, cold drinks, juices, snacks, and biscuits. FSSAI has currently shut down the shop.