Palmistry: People who have conch shells in their hands are very lucky, know-how!


PC: Jan Satta

Astrology believes that planets and zodiac signs have auspicious and inauspicious effects on a person's daily life. Similarly, various lines on the palm of a person also give some information and indications related to the future. Everyone's palm is different. The structure of the lines on it varies. Various yogas are formed in astrology from this. One of the important yogas is Shankha Yoga. This yoga is considered very beneficial.

When the thumb i.e. Mount of Venus is good in the palm and one line coming out of it goes to the mount of Sun and the other line meets the mount of Saturn, then conch shell yoga is formed in the hand of a person.

Benefits of conch shell yoga on palm

The person who has conch shell yoga in his hand gets many benefits. The life of such people is full of self-confidence. They get respect in life. Such people are not worried about wealth and property. They have an amazing ability to handle difficult situations. The person who has a conch shell in his hand gets a good life partner. There is happiness and satisfaction in their life. Such people are inclined towards religion and spirituality. His mind is engrossed in worship.

A person with conch shell yoga in his hand gets success in all fields. Shankha Yoga helps in all tasks of their personal life. Such persons complete any work easily and efficiently. Besides, you also win people's hearts with your words.