Packed fruit juice companies mislead, only 10% contains real fruit: ICMR


Packed Fruit Juice: Many of us like to drink packed juice during the summer season. It is easily available in the market. From children to elderly people, they like it a lot because it is very tasty. It is claimed to contain real fruits in its bottles and packets, but there don't need to be real fruits here. Don't go by claims, use your intelligence.


Nominal fruits in packets

In a recent report of ICMR, it has been informed that the amount of fruits in fruit juices available in bottles and tetra packs is only 10 percent. Giving many examples, the organization has said that customers are misled by calling it healthy. It is said that it is natural and full of nutrients, but these things are often false. There can be a huge difference between the claims and facts of these companies.

read labels carefully

ICMR has advised that before purchasing these packed juices, customers should read the label written on the packet carefully. Besides, it should also be found out how much nutrient the body is getting in one serving. Many times the product is claimed to be organic, it is said that it is a juice full of low calories, low fat, and high fiber, but you must check whether the ingredients present in it confirm these claims or not.

Companies mislead

You also have to keep in mind that ICMR has given such a warning not only on packed juices but also on all types of canned foods. Recently, the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, or NIN has released revised dietary guidelines for Indians. It has been said that FSSAI has set strict criteria regarding food packets, but companies adopt various tactics to mislead customers. Therefore, you should give preference to fresh fruits.