Ovarian Cancer Symptoms: 5 early signs of ovarian cancer, women should not make the mistake of ignoring them!


Ovarian cancer is a dangerous cancer that occurs in women. This cancer starts in the ovaries and can spread slowly. It is difficult to detect it in the early stages, as its symptoms are often mild and vague. But, women should pay attention to some early signs, which may indicate ovarian cancer.


5 early signs of ovarian cancer

Abdominal pain and swelling

Frequent pain or swelling in the lower abdomen is a common symptom of ovarian cancer. This pain may also occur in the side of the abdomen or the back.

Feeling full quickly,

feeling full without eating or lack of appetite can be a sign of ovarian cancer.

Changes in urination habits,

frequent urination, burning sensation while urinating, or difficulty in urinating can be symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Abnormal bleeding

Bleeding after menopause, irregular periods or brown bleeding from the vagina may be a sign of ovarian cancer.

Fatigue and weakness

Feeling constantly tired and weak without any reason can be a symptom of ovarian cancer.

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. The doctor may do tests such as a physical examination, ultrasound, CT scan, or blood tests. Early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer is very important. More than 90% of women can be cured of this cancer if treated early.

Risk factors for ovarian cancer

- Women over the age of 50.

- Women who have never been pregnant.

- Women who have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

- Women who have a family history of breast cancer or colon cancer.

- Women who have used hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) for a long time.

How to reduce the risk

- Maintain a healthy weight

- Exercise regularly

- Do not smoke

- Eat a healthy diet

- Get regular check-ups from a gynecologist.