Oral Health: Brush in this way, otherwise teeth will break prematurely!


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Everyone's brushing technique is different. Some people can brush their teeth for a long time, while others believe that one to two minutes is enough.

However, it is important to brush for 3-4 minutes every day to remove plaque or dirt accumulated on the teeth. This ensures that the stubborn layers on the teeth are effectively removed.

According to dentists, it is important to brush for two minutes every day. It is also advisable to use a soft brush while brushing.


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Although not much, brushing for two minutes effectively removes the plaque accumulated on the teeth. If the plaque bacteria, fungus and virus deposited on the teeth are not removed, they gradually become hard.

Biofilm deposited on teeth becomes very hard and can cause problems if not removed by brushing.


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While brushing, ensure that the brush is soft; Otherwise, it may damage the gums. This can lead to swollen gums and various gum diseases.