Online Scam: Scammers are laying a new trap in the name of Meesho, a little greed and you will lose even your hard-earned money...


In the digital age, every work of an internet user is being done through smartphones. The smartphone user's bank account is now in his phone only.

Here you made a small mistake and on the other hand, it does not take long for your bank account to be cleared. This is why internet users are advised to avoid online fraud.


Do you also shop from Meesho?
If you do online shopping and also use popular platforms like Meesho, then you should also know this news. Actually, these days a new scam is going on in the name of Meesho. In this type of scam, people are being cheated on the pretext of winning a Maruti car.

Thugs are laying traps like this
     Actually, in this new scam, the scammers are first sending a form and scratch card to any online shopping customer's address. The user is getting this in the form of a prize envelope.
     Information is being given on the form found in the envelope that the customer has won a prize worth lakhs.
     After this, the customer is asked to fill in his information in the form to get the reward.
     The customer care number is also being given along with the form, on calling which the information about the lucky draw is correct.
     The customer is asked to scan a QR code with the phone. It is also said that if this is not done soon then this offer will be given to some other user.
     As soon as the customer scans this QR code found in the name of Meesho. Similarly, immediately Google Pay, and Paytm all get hacked and a message comes to the user's phone that the bank account is empty.


How to avoid such scams
     Internet users are advised not to scan any QR code with the phone's camera without information or with incomplete information.
     Avoid clicking on links from any unknown posts and accounts on social media platforms.
     Verify the information about the lucky draw contest of any well-known and big company from the company's official website, X handle.