Online Safety Tips: Know here some very important online safety tips for children..


In today's time, access to the Internet has become very easy, even small children are using the Internet. Online safety tips are very important for children. Keep in mind that children should never share their personal information online with anyone. Such as home address, phone number school name etc.


To keep children safe online, their device must have a strong password, so that no one can hack the device. There is a lot of information available for children on the Internet, but children must be informed about what is right for them and what is bad. Often unknown people on the Internet mislead children. Tell children not to interact with every unknown person on the Internet.


Avoid sharing anything on the Internet. Inform children about the harm that can be caused by sharing information on the Internet. Tell children that the online space is very good. In such a situation, tell children to respect everyone on the Internet just like in the real world. Explain to children that if they ever do something wrong on the internet, they should not hesitate to tell their parents or teachers.

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