'Onion peels' are also a very useful thing, instead of throwing them, make this delicious spice, know the method


Onion Peels Benefits: Before cooking and eating many vegetables, we often remove their peels and separate them, whether it is potato, gourd or onion. But do you know how beneficial the peels of some vegetables are for health? Many people include onions in their vegetables. However, before cooking the onion, he always peels it off. You will be surprised to know that many such properties are also hidden in the peel of an onion, which makes it beneficial for health. Let us know why onion peels are beneficial and how they can be consumed.


Onion peel
Spice can be made by grinding onion peels. The way raw onions are very beneficial for health, in the same way, their peels are also full of many qualities. Onion peel contains high amounts of vitamins A, C, and E and antioxidants. These peels are also a good source of flavonoids called quercetin, which is an antioxidant. If you often throw onion peels, do not do so from now on, because we are going to tell you how to use them.


How to make masala from onion peel?
A youtube blogger @Carleigh Bodrug has given the recipe to make onion masala. He has shared its video on his YouTube handle. To make spice from onion peel, first of all, store onion peel in good quantity. Then wash it thoroughly with water so that no dirt remains in it. After washing it, wipe it thoroughly with a cloth. After wiping, leave it in the sun until it dries up and hardens. When the peels are dry, grind them in a mixer. After grinding it will look like powder. You can use this powder as a spice in different dishes.