One day before Diwali, do a facial with these natural things, know the step-by-step process!


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Dressing up to celebrate Diwali is a must. Women, men and children take care of everything from outfits to footwear. In the midst of a busy life, people often make mistakes in skin care. Therefore, by following some steps taken a day before Diwali, you can get a glow and for this, you do not need to spend thousands of rupees in the salon.

Today is Chhoti Diwali and you can make your skin glowing and attractive through a few minutes of home facial. Here, we are going to tell you how to do a facial step by step using some items present in the kitchen.

First Step- Cleansing

Milk is considered the best household cleanser. It is effective in deeply cleansing the skin without causing any harm. Take toned milk in a container and use cotton or cotton pad to clean the skin. Deep cleaning of your skin will be done in this first step itself.


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Exfoliating the skin helps in removing dirt from the pores. You can use coffee and honey from the kitchen for the scrubbing step. If honey does not suit you, you can use lemon instead. Mix these ingredients in a container and scrub your face with your fingers.

Steaming Step:

Steam of basil leaves kept in the courtyard can be beneficial for the skin. Steam opens the pores, allowing the dirt to be removed easily. While making steam in water, add basil leaves to it. After this take steam, but remember not to take more than 2 minutes.



How to do facials:

To make facial cream at home, mix curd, musk turmeric powder, rose water and lemon juice. This homemade facial cream has many benefits. Massage your face with this for 10 minutes. Then clean your face with lukewarm water.

Homemade Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer at the end of every skincare routine is essential. If you are doing facials at home then you can use moisturizer made from aloe vera and vitamin E capsules. Apply it on your face and let it dry. Avoid using face wash or any other products for at least 10 hours.

These steps using common kitchen ingredients can help you achieve a glowing and attractive look for Diwali without the need for expensive salon treatments.