Omicron Variant: Such people are in need of oxygen support, scientists have emphasized this for the rescue


At present, the Omicron variant of Corona is causing serious problems for people across the world including India. Studies have found that Omicron is by far the most infectious variant that can easily infect people. Those who have received both doses of the vaccine are also not considered safe from the danger of corona. This is the reason health experts are appealing to all the people to continue following the covid appropriate behavior. Experts say that even though both doses of the vaccine do not guarantee protection from infection, although it is considered particularly effective in reducing the severity of the disease and the risk of death due to corona. In such a situation, all people should take both doses of the vaccine as soon as possible.

A recent report clearly shows how the vaccine can be helpful for you. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has told that about 96 percent of corona-infected people admitted on oxygen support in all hospitals of Mumbai are those who have not been vaccinated. Let us know in the following slideshow the vaccine can protect you from serious health problems.


What is the opinion of the health expert?
Dr. Vivek Sahai, Senior Physician, Intensive Care, in a conversation says, "The increasing cases of Omicron around the world have raised everyone's concern, yet it is a relief that this time most of the people have been vaccinated. Studies so far have shown that vaccines have been successful in significantly reducing critical illness and ICU requirements of the infected. However, even those who have been vaccinated should not be careless about preventive measures.


How do vaccines work?
Vaccines, according to health experts, activate the immune system to produce antibodies in the body to combat it during future exposure to a virus. Before corona, people have also been vaccinated for many diseases like smallpox, flu. People have been getting diseases after getting vaccinated, but their severity is reduced.

Vaccine effect on Omicron variant
Data on the effects of vaccines on Omicron suggest that current vaccines are not very effective against this variant. Experts say that vaccines can be about 30-40 percent effective in preventing infection, although the good thing is that they have been found to be 70-80% effective in preventing serious disease caused by corona. This is the reason why people who have not been vaccinated need to be hospitalized or oxygenated due to infection with Omicron.

How to get protection against Omicron?
In a recent study published in the journal Cell, scientists clarified that an additional "booster" dose is needed to keep people safe from the Omicron variant. Scientists say based on studies on Americans that conventional doses of current vaccines do not appear to be capable of producing antibodies that recognize and neutralize the Omicron variant, giving a booster dose to protect people from variants such as Omicron. can be done.

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