Omicron Variant: Scientists have got a solution, in this way you can control Omicron


The threat of Omicron variants of the corona is increasing rapidly around the world. In America, more than 11 lakh cases of the corona were registered in a single day, while in France the daily cases are about three and a half lakhs. The situation in India is also deteriorating, in the last 24 hours, more than 1.68 lakh cases of corona infection have been reported in the country. Overall, this variant of the corona is becoming a cause of serious problems for people all over the world.

Studies suggest that the Omicron variant is more contagious than the delta. Since vaccines around the world have been developed on the basis of the original form of the corona, the vaccines are not found to be very effective in preventing Omicron infection. Meanwhile, the researchers claimed to have found an efficient way to control the Omicron variant. Scientists say that this infectious form of corona can be controlled by using this method.


Omicron remains a big problem
In this study published in the journal Nature, scientists have told that the biological characteristics of Omicron variants are still not very clearly known. It can easily dodge the immunity built up by both doses of the vaccine, although research suggests that giving people a booster dose of the vaccine can neutralize Omicron. This information has been given by a team of scientists researching to know the efficacy of therapeutic antibodies on Omicron and the immunity created in the body from vaccines.


What did the study find?
Researchers from KU Louvina University in Belgium tried to understand this by examining samples of corona infected. The scientists concluded testing monoclonal antibodies that most antibodies were up to 3-80 times less effective against Omicron than against Delta. Scientists also studied samples of people who took a second dose at an interval of 5 months to know the effectiveness of the vaccine. During this it was found that this method also cannot be considered more effective in neutralizing Omicron.

Study of samples of people who have taken booster dose
In another test, scientists also took samples of people who had taken a booster dose of Pfizer a month earlier. In the conclusion of this test, scientists found that such people may be more capable of competing with Omicron. The researchers found that giving people a booster dose of the vaccine developed stronger immunity against the Omicron variant, which could prove effective against the variant.

What is the conclusion of the study?
One of the authors of the study and senior scientist, Olivier Schwartz, said in the conclusion of the study, "This research suggests that a booster dose may be effective in reducing the risk of Omicron. However, we need to do more research to know how long the protection from a booster dose can last? This study suggests that the Omicron variant impairs the effectiveness of vaccines and monoclonal antibodies, although large-scale booster doses may be a good option for people.

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