Omicron Variant: Have you also been infected? Study claims - this macronutrient is helpful in faster recovery


The cases of Omicron variant of corona increasing worldwide including India remain a cause of serious concern for health experts. If we look at the figures, in the last 24 hours, about 1.79 lakh new cases have been reported in the country, while the number of Omicron infections has crossed 4000. The good news is that most people infected with Omicron show mild symptoms of infection, which are easily cured. Although health experts say that all people need to take special care to protect against Covid, while those who have confirmed infection, should take special care of food and health in home isolation.

Health experts say that even though Omicron is believed to be a variant with relatively mild symptoms, it requires people to take special health precautions even during infection. The infected should include nutritious things in the diet to speed up the recovery. Covid-19 infected should ensure a high amount of protein in the diet.


Eat a nutrient-rich diet for faster recovery
Health experts say that many types of macronutrients are needed to keep the body fit, protein is one of those nutrients. Proteins play an important role in the repair and production of new cells in the body. Even during corona infection, people are advised to consume more things that are high in these macronutrients, so that the body can recover faster.


Protein intake can be helpful
The study done on corona infected shows that the speed of recovery can be accelerated by increasing the amount of protein in the diet. Protein deficiency has a direct effect on the immune system. Protein deficiency can have negative effects on functional immunoglobulins and gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT), leading to a weakening of the body's immunity. Since it is directly linked to immunity, protein deficiency not only increases the risk of corona infection but can also increase the risk of many other viral infections.

Protein requirement during covid
Studies mention cytokine storm in the complication of Covid-19. It is a hyper-inflammatory response caused by the over-release of cytokines that often results in an increased risk of multi-organ failure. In this, anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs of amino acids are given to reduce the release of cytokines. Researchers believe that proteins obtained from meat and other sources contain all the essential amino acids that may help reduce such problems.

What should covid infected eat for protein?
According to health experts, protein requirements can be met by consuming animal products such as chicken or fish, dairy products and beans, lentils, nuts, and whole grains. However, one thing to note is that the protein content of different foods varies, so protein intake should be based on expert advice and requirements for your body. Protein is considered essential for faster recovery from COVID.

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