Omicron Variant: Have you also become corona infected? Know from the doctor what to do and what not to do?


The Omicron variant of Corona continues to wreak havoc all over the world including India. More than one and a half lakh cases of corona are being reported daily in the country for the last three days. In the last 24 hours, 1.68 lakh new cases were recorded, while Omicron's cases have also increased to more than four thousand. The good news, for now, is that most of the Omicron infected have only mild symptoms. There is no need to fear Omicron, says health experts, although it also does not mean that you should stop taking precautions. Omicron can also cause serious infections in certain situations.

Doctors say, although most Omicron infections recover with normal treatment, this infection can also cause some complications in those who already have comorbidities or weak immunity. The way the cases of infection are gaining momentum in the country, in such a situation, there is a need for all the people to keep safe from it. If you have been infected with Omicron in the meantime, let your doctor know what you should and should not do?


Don't panic if Omicron gets infected
Speaking to Dr. Vivek Sahai, Senior Physician, Intensive Care, says, Omicron has higher infectivity than the delta variant of Corona, but due to this, the chances of cases of serious complications are less. Most of the infected are seeing only mild symptoms, so even if you do get infected, do not panic. It can be easily cured by just keeping a few things in mind. But in the midst of all this, it is also worth keeping in mind that depending on the health condition, Omicron can also cause serious problems for some people, so it should not be taken carelessly at all.


How are the infected being treated?
Dr. Vivek Sahai explains, barring a few, most of Omicron's infected do not require any specific treatment like Delta, which is certainly a relief. Most of the hospitalized patients are being given multi-vitamins and paracetamol only. Due to this, the symptoms of most people are reducing, most of the patients are also recovering in 5-7 days. Yes, those who are already suffering from serious diseases, they definitely need special attention.

What to do if you get an Omicron infection?
Dr. Vivek says, if you suspect any symptoms of the corona, then immediately isolate yourself and get tested. If the infection is confirmed, take any medicine only on the advice of the doctor, do not take any medicine by yourself. Wear a mask at home during infection and pay special attention to food and drink. For faster recovery from infection, consume more protein and vitamin C-D things, drink plenty of water. Most importantly, don't panic, Omicron can be easily countered.

What should the infected not do?
Dr. Vivek says, if the infection has been confirmed in you, then do not hide about it, inform the people who have come in contact in the recent past so that they too get themselves tested as a precaution. Just because Omicron's symptoms are being told over and over again that they are mild and less severe, that doesn't mean it can't cause problems. Do not take any carelessness regarding health. Do not be negligent in the rules of isolation, do not go out of the house, and also keep your distance from the people of the house. With a little care, we can win this battle.

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