Omicron Symptoms: These stomach problems are happening to the infected, completely different symptoms from Delta also appeared


The Omicron variant of Corona has become a cause of big trouble for the world at this time. The rate of infectivity of this variant is said to be very high, which is why scientists around the world are engaged in searching for measures to prevent its spread. More than 35 mutations have been detected in this radically different variant of the coronavirus, which makes it able to easily dodge the body's immunity from the vaccine. According to health experts, to stay away from this menace of the corona, all people should keep taking preventive measures continuously.

In the event of infection with this variant of the corona, some special symptoms have also been found in patients. People with the delta variant were experiencing more problems with taste and smell, although such symptoms are seen less in Omicron infections. This time people are getting more problems of sore throat and night sweats. Apart from this, it is being told in some reports that some people infected with Omicron are also having stomach-related problems, such cases were not seen during Delta infection.


Many types of symptoms can occur in infected
The US-based Center for Disease Control (CDC) said in a report that corona infection can have a wide range of symptoms. Special care needs to be taken regarding this. Even though the cases of disease due to Omicron infection are seen to be mild, they should not be neglected. In many people, this variant can also cause serious conditions. Symptoms of diarrhea have also been observed in some patients during infection, which was considered unusual at the time of Delta infection.


Diarrhea and stomach problems in infected
A recent report states that Omicron infected people are suffering from diarrhea. NBC Chicago report states that for people who have weak immunity, this type of problem is being seen more. According to the report of John Hopkins Medicine, 20 percent of people infected with corona may experience symptoms of diarrhea. The point to be kept in mind here is that we should not consider only fatigue, problem in breathing, muscle, and body pain, or sore throat as symptoms of the corona. People also need to be careful about its other symptoms.

Omicron infected are facing many problems
Earlier, based on the study of Jo-Covid, scientists had told about some symptoms of Omicron variants. It was told in the report that the problem of runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, and sore throat are still the top five symptoms of the corona. On the other hand, in the case of Omicron infection, people are experiencing pain with a sore throat and excessive sweating at night. Scientists had warned that the Omicron variant of the corona can infect anyone, so people need to be more vigilant than ever to prevent it.

What did the Lancet study reveal?
At the same time, a team of scientists studying the symptoms of Covid has also advised people to be careful about some other signs. According to the study published in the Lancet medical journal, 24 percent of corona-infected patients are suffering from loss of appetite, 18 percent of patients have nausea-acid reflux and 14 percent of people are also having problems like bloating. Some patients are facing the problem of persisting such symptoms even after recovery from the disease. For the time being, we have to keep in mind that the coronavirus can affect many parts of the body, depending on which its symptoms can also vary.

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