Omicron Symptoms: Symptoms are also seen on nails and lips, may need emergency medical attention


The cases of the Omicron variant of corona are increasing rapidly across the world. Talking about India, the situation here is deteriorating rapidly for the last one week, on the last day more than one lakh cases of infected people were recorded in the country. In view of the increasing cases of the corona, all kinds of restrictions have been imposed across the country, health experts are advising all the people to follow the covid appropriate behavior continuously. The cases of infection with the Omicron variant may appear to be mild, although experts say that such a rapid increase in infection is quite worrying.

Studies have found that the Omicron variant causes people to have more or less Delta-like symptoms, although some infected have different symptoms. Apart from this, in a recent report, health experts have told about the symptoms visible on the skin, lips, and nails of the patients.


Omicron's Characteristics Are Different From Delta's
According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people infected with the new super mutant strain of Covid-19 are seeing a variety of symptoms. Apart from Delta in Omicron infected patients, sore throats with sore throats, excessive night sweats have been observed. Yes, this time there have been no cases of lack of taste and smell in the infected.


Signs of infection on lips and nails
In a CDC report, scientists said that some people infected with Omicron have seen changes in the color of their skin, lips, and nails. Yellow, gray, or blue spots on the skin or similar spots on the lips and nails may also appear. Scientists say that the main reason for the change in skin color may be the lack of oxygen level in the blood. According to experts, such signs indicate the need for immediate medical help.

signs of lack of oxygen
According to health experts, although there are no cases of oxygen deficiency like Delta in Omicron infected at the moment, although the change in the color of the skin and nails is a sign in this direction, about which there is a need to be alert. The lack of oxygen in the body is definitely a serious condition, the doctors treating it should be very careful. Due to lack of oxygen, serious complications were seen in Delta infected.

Don't Make the Mistake of Taking Omicron Lightly
According to health experts, even though the symptoms of infection with the Omicron variant are seen to be mild, they should not be neglected under any circumstances. The Omicron variant is many times more contagious than Delta and can infect fully vaccinated people, so everyone needs to be extremely vigilant at all times to reduce the spread of the virus.

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