Omicron symptoms: Do not be confused about the symptoms, know who needs a covid test?


The Omicron variant has been a cause of concern for experts across the world. According to studies, this variant of the corona is highly contagious, so it poses a risk to all people. According to scientists, all people should be alert to avoid this variant. Studies reveal all kinds of symptoms of this variant of the corona. Delta and Omicron's symptoms are believed to be mostly similar, although some people with Omicron infection may develop a sore throat and increased sweating at night.

It is being told in many reports that despite people having symptoms, the report of the corona is coming negative. At the same time, some people have serious health problems due to Omicron. After all, what kind of symptoms does this new variant of corona show, how to know that you have been infected with corona?


mild symptoms in most people
Health experts say, at present, most of the cases coming in front of corona are asymptomatic or with mild to moderate symptoms. There can be many reasons for this, be it Omicron or vaccination. Yes, only those people who are getting infected due to the delta variant, only those people with severe symptoms are being seen as before. Despite some people having symptoms, the RT-PCR report is coming negative. Confusion is being seen among the people regarding this.


when should the test be done?
According to the new guidelines, if you have general symptoms, fever, and oxygen levels remain stable, then a seven-day quarantine is necessary. However, if these symptoms are accompanied by shortness of breath, then medical help becomes necessary in this regard. If you have symptoms like cold, cough, or body ache, but the oxygen level is not less than 94 then there is no need to panic. Keep measuring the oxygen level through a pulse-oximeter and follow all the rules in isolation.

It is not necessary to check on general symptoms. Despite having symptoms, there can be many reasons for the report coming negative, one of the main reasons for this is that many people get tested on the very first day of showing symptoms. The first day's test can be negative because it takes time for the virus to grow in the human body.


What is ICMR's guideline?
ICMR said in its recent report, people who have asymptomatic symptoms of the corona, who have completed their home isolation period, or who have recently traveled inter-state, do not need to undergo an RT-PCR test.
Also, if you have symptoms of corona (cough, fever, sore throat, loss of taste and/or smell, breathlessness, and/or other respiratory symptoms) or have recently traveled abroad, get them tested for RT-PCR. Should take

How do you know you've got an Omicron infection?
According to health experts, the symptoms of Omicron generally start with body aches, general weakness, fatigue, headache, and fever in the initial days. Apart from this, you may also have problems with cough, a watery nose, or sneezing. Fever gets better in the first 3 days in most patients, while it may take five to seven days for all symptoms to go away. If you continue to have problems after this time limit, then definitely contact your doctor about this.

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