OMG: This red sweater sold for Rs 9 crore! Know what was so special about it that it was sold so expensive in the auction!


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With the arrival of cold weather, the demand for sweaters increases rapidly. You will find both affordable and expensive sweaters in the market. But have you ever seen a sweater worth Rs 9 crore which is known as the “Red Sheep Sweater”? Although the price may be surprising, this particular sweater holds a unique historical significance.

This sweater, despite looking normal, belonged to none other than Diana, former Princess of Wales in Britain. She was the wife of Prince Charles, mother of Prince Harry and Prince William, and one of the most respected figures in the world. Princess Diana Red Sheep Sweater was recently auctioned for Rs 9 crore.


PC: Hindi.news18

According to an ABC News report, the auction of this sweater concluded last Thursday. Over the course of approximately two weeks, bidders actively competed for this prized garment. Initially, its price was estimated to be between Rs 41 lakh to Rs 66 lakh, but the bid increased significantly. Just before the auction closed, it had crossed the Rs 1 crore mark. Ultimately, an anonymous bidder acquired the sweater with a winning bid of Rs 9 crore or approximately $1.1 million.

The sweater gained fame due to its association with an important moment in history. In June 1981, shortly after her engagement to Prince Charles, Princess Diana wore this red sweater to a polo match. At the age of 19, she instantly became a fashion icon. On the sweater, there is a black sheep among many white sheep. At that time people used to guess that Diana was indicating through this sweater that she was like a black sheep in the Royal Family. Although her marriage to Charles ended in divorce in 1996, the world mourned her tragic demise in a car accident in Paris in 1997 at the young age of 36.