OMG! There is more gold on this planet than the total amount of earth, every person can become a billionaire!


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The solar system is full of planetary mysteries that scientists are eager to uncover. Several years ago, scientists discovered a small planet in the solar system that orbits the Sun like a comet. What makes this discovery particularly interesting is that this tiny planet, known as 16 Psyche or simply Psyche, is loaded with a precious metal – gold. This miniature planet, which looks similar to a potato, has attracted significant attention due to the abundant presence of precious metals like platinum and gold.

This tiny planet, 16 Psyche, lives in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter, and it's making scientists raise eyebrows because of its unique composition. It is believed that its core is mainly composed of iron and nickel, just like the Earth's core. However, what sets it apart is the incredible amount of precious metals it contains.

Apart from gold and platinum, other valuable metals are also present in this small world. The sheer quantity of these precious metals is staggering. It has been estimated that the total value of metals in 16 Manas is greater than the entire economy of our planet. In simple terms, if all the gold, platinum, and other precious metals on this small planet were brought back to Earth, every person on Earth could potentially become a multi-billionaire.


PC: amarujala

The idea of ​​mining this valuable treasure has been considered, but the logistical and technical challenges of accessing and mining an asteroid such as Psyche are too great. It is important to note that this minor planet is quite far from Earth, and the cost and complexity of such a mission are significant.

Interestingly, NASA had plans to send a mission to Psyche in October 2013, but the mission got delayed. The primary objective of this mission is not to collect the treasures of the minor planet but to study it. Most minor planets are composed of rock, ice, or a combination of both, but Psyche's metallic composition presents a unique opportunity for scientific investigation.


PC: amarujala

Most minor planets are formed from materials such as rock or ice, or a mixture of both. However, Psyche stands out with its potential to be a protoplanet, which may have an open core. Sending a spacecraft or mission to Psyche would provide astronomers with valuable information about the nature of this intriguing world.

In conclusion, while the discovery of Psyche is attracting scientists and space agencies, including the possibility of a NASA mission to Psyche in the near future, the challenges of mining its precious metals are substantial. Nonetheless, the presence of such an exceptionally metal-rich world in our Solar System creates exciting possibilities for future space exploration and scientific discovery.