OMG! The person made such small paintings, it can go through the needle hole!


You must have seen many wonders to date. Today we are going to tell you about one such painting which is very much discussed. This painter has made the world's smallest painting. This painting is so small that it can pass through even the hole of a needle. According to the report of the website Daily Mail, David A Lindon of England has made 6 mini paintings. Everyone is discussing it.

When this painting came to the auction, it was sold as soon as it arrived. The bid for this painting was above 15 lakhs. People did not think that they would get to see such a small painting. This painting is so small that it can pass through the needle.

David A Lindon has previously created many famous paintings like Freddie Mercury and Amy Winehouse. But then the idea of ​​making something unique came to his mind. David tells that to prove his passion true, he selected some famous paintings. Then he prepared it by making it on paper equal to the size of the needle.

In one of his interviews, David told that he had to hold his breath to make mini paintings. Because in the slightest carelessness all their hard work would have been wasted. In such a situation, he had to do the same work again from the beginning.