Offbeat: Why did Shah Jahan build the Red Fort on the banks of the Yamuna? You should also know the reason!


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Have you ever wondered why the beautiful Red Fort of Delhi was built on the banks of the Yamuna River? If not, then we tell you the story behind it and explain Shahjahan's strategy.

The Red Fort always had a high name among the historical sites of Delhi, which is considered an important symbol of the Mughal Empire. Its ideal design and carvings still stand awe-inspiring even today, but have you ever wondered why Shahjahan built it on the banks of river Yamuna? If you also have a question about this, then we tell you the reason behind it.


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First of all, you would be surprised to know that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan took almost 10 years to build the Red Fort. Construction began in 1638 and continued until 1648.

Actually, Shahjahan built the Red Fort on the banks of the river Yamuna because it was not easy for the enemies to cross the river and attack the fort. In such a situation, Shahjahan got a lot of security by building the fort on the banks of the river.


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The second reason was that the people settled around the Red Fort could be saved from the problem of water, because being on the banks of the river, they could easily get water.