Offbeat: This is the world's most unlucky mother! Gave birth to 11 children, but all were blind from birth; Will be shocked to know the reason!


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Becoming a mother is a precious moment in the life of every woman. But after the birth of the child, if there is any deficiency, then the mother is very worried about it. However, the child is very dear to the mother. So she takes care of him for the rest of her life. But such misfortune happened to a mother not once or twice but eleven times. She gave birth to 11 children but eleven out of eleven children are blind from birth.

Agnes Nespondi from Kisumu Village, Kenya. After marriage, her life was very beautiful. She was very happy when she got pregnant for the first time. She gave birth to their first son. Agnes and her husband were overjoyed. But after some time it was noticed that there was something missing in the child. She and her husband suspected that the child was not looking well. So they took him to the hospital. It is learned that the child cannot see and is blind. At first, even the doctors did not understand this thing.


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 The couple hoped that the next child would be good. After this, she became pregnant ten times. Even she gave birth to children 10 times one after the other. But all these children born one after the other were also blind. Agnes gave birth to eleven children and was also blind. What can be more sad for a mother than this?

However, she and her husband took care of them. But her husband died 21 years ago. Since then she is single-handedly taking care of these children. But it is very difficult for him.

His first son is forty years old. Despite having so many children, he is blind. That's why he has to take care of these little blind children in his old age. But these children are helping their mother by begging. 

The villagers call Agnes cursed. It is said that someone had cast a black spell on them, so all their children were born blind.