Offbeat: People here live inside potatoes! Click here to know more


You must have seen many strange houses in the world to date. But today we are going to tell you about a house that looks like a potato. People live inside this potato. This hotel is in America.


This hotel is shaped like a potato. It has been made in such a way to attract tourists. Now the pictures inside this hotel are going viral on social media. This hotel is built in the middle of the grounds of about 400 acres from a place named South Boise Idaho. The name of this hotel is Idaho Potato.


All kinds of arrangements have been made here. Everything from beds to toilets is luxury in the hotel. Let us tell you for information that the American state of Idaho is famous all over America for potato production. Keeping this in mind, this potato-shaped hotel has been built. Even though this hotel looks like a potato, it is not at all cheap to stay.

A one-day stay here costs $200. So if you want to stay here one day then you have to spend 15000 rupees.