Now AC will be able to be installed at a low cost, electricity bill will also come down; Know the price!


As soon as the summer starts, preparations for buying new fans, ACs, coolers, etc. would have started in many houses. Ordinary citizens can also buy fans, But buying AC or air conditioners is not a matter for everyone. Apart from this, due to the high bill of light, the expenditure incurred on it every month is also high.

Tupik, an Indian company from Gujarat, has developed an air conditioner that consumes less electricity. Compared to any other AC, this AC consumes very less power i.e. 400 watts. The weight of this AC is 13 kg and its size is manageable. No special wiring is required to install this AC, nor does it require any electrician. It is possible to install this AC by yourself easily. This AC bed of Tupik company AC can be installed on a single bed or double bed as well.


The company claims that this AC is quieter than pedestal fans. It can be fitted according to the size of your bed. Like other ACs, this AC from Tupic uses R134 refrigerant to cool the air. Another specialty of this AC is that it is eco-friendly.

After installing any AC, the doors and windows of the room have to be closed. But after installing this AC the window can be opened. In fact, this AC works even better if the window is left open.


This AC can be used in any season like summer, winter, and monsoon. This AC is used to heat the air in the room during cold days. Also, the compressor starts cooling the air within three minutes of turning on the AC on hot summer days. This AC gives a cool temperature of 9 to 13 degrees Celsius. The company claims that this AC can work even when the room temperature is 50 degree Celsius.

The Tupik runs on AC electricity. No need to put water, gas, battery, etc. in it. It can also run on an AC generator, UPS, battery, and solar power. It is also easy to keep clean.

There are two models of Tupik AC. The single-bed model costs Rs 17,990 and the double-bed model costs Rs 19,990. The company has one year warranty on this ac.