Not only IAS, IPS-IFS and IRS posts are not less than anyone, know everything about these posts!


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After the results of the UPSC exam, the dreams of many youth would have taken flight. Many people would aspire to become IAS and IPS officers. While preparing for UPSC, every youth dreams of becoming an IAS officer, but apart from these posts, jobs like IFS and IRS are also equally prestigious. Let us know in detail about these posts and their associated responsibilities.

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Candidates who top the UPSC exam are appointed to IAS posts. However, many candidates choose posts like IPS even after securing high ranks. This opens up opportunities for lower-ranked candidates to become IAS officers. As a District Magistrate, an IAS officer is capable and powerful. They are also responsible for maintaining law and order in the district and have many special powers.


The Indian Foreign Service, or IFS, is tasked with improving the country's image abroad and improving relations with other countries. IFS officers mostly spend their time working in Indian embassies abroad. Relations between two countries often depend to a great extent on the competence of IFS officers.


Similar to IAS, only top-ranked candidates are appointed to IPS posts. Everyone is eager to wear a police uniform and work in this role. IPS officers are responsible for the security arrangements in the district. It is within their jurisdiction to ensure the prevention of crime in the district and arrest criminals to maintain law and order.


Candidates selected for the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) work in various departments like the Ministry of Commerce, RBI, Income Tax, Customs etc. The role of IRS officers is important in improving the economy of the country.