Nimbu Pani Recipe: Increase immunity in summer... Make lemonade powder in minutes, learn here the easy way


Nimbu Pani Powder: In the summer season one feels more thirsty and at the same time everyone likes to drink cold drinks. Also, in this season, lemon water is best for increasing immunity and keeping the body hydrated. Drinking lemon is not only tasty to drink, but it is also very beneficial for health. What can be better than drinking desi lemonade in the summer? But wait, what about the hassle of slicing a lemon and then constantly stirring and waiting for the sugar to dissolve? Well, here today we will tell an easy method, by which you can easily make lemon powder without getting into this hassle.


Homemade Powder
This easy recipe for instant lemonade powder will not only make enjoying lemonade super easy. Many times nausea or irritability starts due to heat, so drinking lemon water can solve many problems. Along with this, the digestion process also remains healthy. You stay away from constipation, stomach ache, and acidity in the summer season.

1 bowl lemon juice, 3 bowls sugar, salt as per taste
Wash and cut the lemon, take out the juice in a bowl and keep it aside.
Take a blender and mix sugar in it, and make a fine powder.
Take a big tray and spread sugar, and add lemon juice.
Mix it well with your hands and spread it well.
Keep the crumbled mixture to dry in the sun for 4-5 days.
Once done, grind it into a fine powder and store it in an airtight container. This mixture can be stored for 3-4 months.


Note: You can also add dry spices or herbs to this homemade masala.