New Year's Eve: In celebration of the party, there should be no hangover, the doctor told its symptoms and methods of prevention


New year has come. In view of the rapidly increasing cases of the corona, health experts advise all people to take special precautions. Along with this, doctors say that often people consume alcohol and other intoxicants in the celebration of New Year, it can be very harmful to health. Special care needs to be taken in this regard. Consumption of alcohol and other drugs can have long-term side effects on health.

If you still consume alcohol at the New Year's party, then definitely keep its quantity in mind. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to a hangover. In many cases, it can also cause serious complications for health. Let us understand from the doctors in the following slideshow to know if you have got an alcohol hangover, as well as how to cure it easily?


What do health experts say?
Speaking to senior health expert Dr. Anupam Vatsal explains, Consumption of alcohol is considered very harmful for health, even if you are drinking it in moderation. The ingredients in alcohol can cause serious damage to organs such as the liver. In such a situation, there should not be any kind of carelessness with health in the celebration of New Year. Knowing all the things, people forget to take care of health in celebration. Hangover caused by excessive consumption of alcohol can be serious in many cases, so it is necessary to identify its symptoms in time and take measures to cure it.


How to recognize hangover?
Dr. Anupam explains that the amount of alcohol consumed causes a hangover, the condition may vary from person to person. People may experience severe headache, dry throat, nausea, and fainting due to hangover. Alcohol should not be consumed on an empty stomach, as it increases the risk of serious health problems. Also, people already suffering from problems like diabetes can have severe symptoms of hangover, which can greatly reduce your blood sugar level, which is considered a serious health condition.

How to get rid of hangovers?
Be the first to notice hangover symptoms and avoid excess alcohol. Due to hangover, there can be a problem of dehydration in the body, to avoid this, take the maximum amount of water and fluids. It is considered good to keep drinking water to flush out the toxins from the body and hydrate your body. You can also drink juices, coconut water, and soups. Apart from this, give complete rest to the body, take good sleep, this also helps in reducing the symptoms.

These measures are also considered beneficial
Eat Bananas- Bananas are a good source of potassium and can be helpful in maintaining better electrolytes in the body. With low electrolyte levels causing fatigue, headache, nausea, muscle cramps, and loss of energy, eating bananas is considered beneficial for you.

Carbohydrate intake- Carbohydrate intake is also considered beneficial to reduce hangover. It helps to increase your blood sugar level, which usually helps in reducing symptoms like fatigue and weakness.

Drink coffee. Studies show that drinking coffee or tea may also be beneficial in reducing hangovers. It may have benefits in relieving fatigue and headaches due to hangovers. However, keep in mind that caffeinated drinks are diuretics, so excessive consumption can make you more dehydrated.

Drink lemonade: Drinking lemon water is also considered beneficial to reduce hangover. It can reduce alcohol intoxication. Apart from this, consuming citric fruits can also be beneficial.

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