Navratri Special Mehndi Design: Decorate hands with these beautiful Mehndi designs on the occasion of Navratri


Navratri Special Mehndi Design On the occasion of Navratri, different types of programs are also organized in Bengal, Gujarat, in which women are decorated. So if you are also thinking of applying mehndi, you can take the help of the designs given here.

The preparations for Navratri are not limited to just worship, but during this time people also organize many types of programs. During this time, women wear different types of stylish clothes and adorn them. Applying mehndi is also an important step in decorating. So on this occasion, with what kind of designs you can decorate your hands, have a look. 

1. The more unique it looks, the easier it is to put it on. Apply this design on any side of the palm, it will look beautiful. 

2. This mehndi must be looking very difficult to see but it is not. This design will look better on the backside of the palm. While cutting the mehndi, keep in mind not to cut the mouth too much as it can spoil the whole design. 

3.  It takes less time to apply this type of mehndi and no one is needed. Meaning you can apply this Arabic design by yourself. This design can also be installed on any side.

4. You can apply this type of mehndi not only in Navratras but also in other functions like Karvachauth. It is a bit difficult but after applying it it looks very beautiful and different.

Even though you may not like it while looking and applying it, but after removing the henna, when the color rises, it looks very different.

Only hands full of mehndi don't need to look beautiful. Even the simple design looks beautiful if applied properly.