Navratri Special: Make Sabudana Vada very easily in this way


Navratri is going to start tomorrow. Today we are going to tell you the recipe for making one thing to be consumed during fasting. It is very tasty. The thing we are going to talk about is Sabudana Vada. It is very easy to create it. 

Required Ingredients:

Sabudana - 250 grams (should be soaked in water for eight hours)

Boiled potatoes - 250 grams

Groundnut powder - Two tablespoon 

Green coriander - One tablespoon

Rock salt - According to taste,

Green chili - Three



Method of preparation: - 

First of all, prepare a mixture of all the ingredients except oil in a bowl. Now make small balls of this mixture. 

After this, heat oil in a pan and fry all the balls in it till they become golden. 

In this way, your sabudana's become big and ready.