Navratri Special: Make Delicious Kuttu Halwa at home for fasting


Today we are going to tell you the recipe of Kuttu Halwa to be consumed during fasting in Navratri. Apart from being delicious, it is also beneficial for health. 


Ingredients Required:

Buckwheat - one cup

Ghee - five tablespoons

Almond flour - two tablespoons

Almonds - two teaspoons

Sugar - cup

Amaranth powder - three tablespoons


Method of preparation:-

First boil water in a large pan. 

After this, put 3 tbsp ghee in a pan and fry buckwheat flour, amaranth powder, and almond flour till golden brown. 

After this add boiled water to it. Later add sugar to it. Finally, after turning off the gas, add 2 tablespoons of ghee to it. Later, put almonds on top of it. In this way your buckwheat pudding is ready.