Navratri Fast recipe: Lauki ki kheer will keep you healthy and energetic during fasting


Navratri fast recipe: If you want to remain energized throughout the day during Navratri fast, then eat something that can provide the necessary nutrition to the body. Lauki kheer is the best for this.

For how many people: 4

Stuff :

Half kg gourd, 2.5 kg milk, 250 grams sugar, 10-12 small cardamoms, 20-25 almonds, half tsp saffron

Method :

  • Peel the bottle gourd, put it tightly in milk, and put it on low flame.
  • Keep stirring in between and when the milk becomes thick and the gourd is sizzling, then add sugar.
  • Then keep it on the flame for five-seven minutes and take it off.
  • From above add cardamom (peeled and crushed), almonds (soaked and peeled and finely chopped), saffron (soaked in little water and grind) all things mixed in the kheer.
  • This kheer looks very tasty to eat hot.