Natural Blush At Home: If you want pink glow then use beetroot in this way, know the method!


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Girls always want to look beautiful and get expensive treatments done for this, but their effects do not last long. At the same time, they contain chemicals that can harm your skin. Girls also wear makeup daily to look beautiful which can spoil your skin. Therefore, today we are going to tell you such tips using which you can get a natural glowing look without using makeup products.

With these home remedies, you can get glowing skin without harming your skin. So let us know about those home remedies…


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1.Beetroot Blush:

You can get a rosy glow with the help of beetroot. To make blush from beetroot, you have to convert it into pulp. Add a few drops of glycerine to this pulp and store it inside a container. It can be used for one month. Whenever you want a pink glow without makeup, you can apply this natural blush.


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2. Make blush from rose:

You can also make blush from rose petals. But take only fresh flowers for this. After making the paste of these flowers, add some arrowroot powder to it, mix it well and store it in a small container. Apart from this, you can also make natural blush from hibiscus and carrots.