National Vaccination Day: Vaccination causes cancer! Know some such myths and facts related to vaccination..


National Vaccination Day 2023: Vaccination plays a very important role in keeping us safe and healthy. With the help of vaccination, we are protected from many types of infectious diseases. As soon as it is born, different types of vaccines are applied to protect the human body. National Vaccination Day is celebrated every year on March 16 to tell the importance of vaccination.


While some people have understood the importance of the vaccine since the terrible pandemic like Corona, many people still have many myths about the vaccine in their minds. In such a situation, on the occasion of Vaccination Day, today we will tell you about some common myths related to vaccination and their facts told by the World Health Organization (WHO)-

Myth vs facts related to vaccination
Myth- Vaccines are not safe?

Fact- A vaccine made for a disease is licensed only after thorough evaluation and testing, to ensure that the vaccine is both safe and effective. Also, after getting the license for any vaccine, the WHO itself monitors it.

Myth- Vaccinations cause autism?
Fact: There is no evidence of an association between the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine or any other vaccine and autism. A 1998 study showing a link between vaccination and autism was found to be false and the paper was retracted by the journal that published it. Since then, no such evidence has come to the fore, so it can be known that vaccination causes autism.

Myth- Giving a child more than one vaccine at a time is harmful. Also, does this affect the baby's immune system?
Fact- Scientific evidence suggests that giving multiple vaccines at the same time does not have any negative effect on the child or their immune system.

Myth- Vaccines contain mercury, which is dangerous for health.
Fact- Thiomersal is an organic, ethylmercury compound, which is used as a preservative in some vaccines. But very few vaccines contain thiomersal. If it is used in a vaccine, its quantity is very, very small. There is no evidence that the amount of thiomersal used in any vaccine is harmful to health.


Myth- People who were not vaccinated in the past lived longer and healthier lives. So there is no need for vaccination?
Fact- Before the introduction of the measles vaccine, more than 90% of people were infected by the time they reached the age of 10 years. As such, many of those who survived the disease suffered serious and sometimes lifelong consequences. Vaccination can reduce the effects of these diseases, so it is better to get vaccinated to be safe so that the serious consequences of any disease can be avoided.