National Doctor's Day: The life of a doctor is not easy at all


National Doctor's Day 2024: Becoming a doctor is a respectable but challenging profession. A doctor has to face problems like long shifts, and emotional pressure every day. In such a situation, if you also want to become a doctor, then here in this article you can know the challenges of this career with the help of health professionals.


Doctors are considered to be a form of God, but the life of these people who save patients from the jaws of death is not easy at all. In such a situation, to salute their courage and selfless social service, every year 1 June is celebrated as National Doctor's Day. In this article, you can know from the words of a doctor himself what kind of challenges a doctor has to face every day.

Health experts say that one of the biggest challenges of being a doctor is working long and overtime hours. We often have to work till late at night and wake up early in the morning. Meanwhile, if there is an emergency, we have to work on weekends as well. Due to this, it becomes difficult to manage the home and family along with the duty of being a doctor. Not only this, while fulfilling the responsibility of curing the health of others, many times a doctor himself is going through a lack of sleep and constant mental and physical stress.

It is not easy to be a female doctor

Balancing their career and personal life can be particularly challenging for women doctors. Many women doctors in the medical field juggle their professional responsibilities with family roles. Being a mother while working as a medical doctor is particularly demanding, often requiring a lot of time away from family. Often, they have to leave work early when an urgent matter comes up at home, which affects their productivity.

How to get motivation to work?

In addition to emotional difficulties, doctors also experience stress due to the enormous responsibility of making important decisions all the time. However, the desire to help others, passion for medicine, and encouragement from friends motivate us to persist despite these challenges.

Doctors' opinion on the medical profession

Dr Garima Sahni, Senior Gynecologist and Co-Founder, of Pristyn Care says, “Every day I am able to contribute to the healing process, care, and relief of suffering for those under my care. This feeling and passion motivate me to overcome obstacles of time constraints, difficult cases, and the underlying issues of our healthcare system. Hence, I strive for excellence in my career because I believe my dedication has the power to positively change someone’s world.” 

Neurosurgeon Dr. Payoj Pandey believes that college admission, internship, preparation for post-graduation, and then completing the course, and then practicing is not that easy. Marriage, baby planning, and personal life are greatly affected by all this. Despite living such a challenging life, a doctor does not forget his duty. He always has to be ready for the needs of the patient. A medical practitioner never retires, because serving the patients is the goal of his life.

Dr. Imran Ahmed, the former resident of IHBAS Hospital Delhi,  says that every day is challenging for him because the patient's family looks at him with hopeful eyes, they think that the doctor will save the life of their loved one. Although life and death are in the hands of God, we try to cure the patient through medicine and treatment, but when this does not happen, it is very disappointing. Despite all this, we have to move forward with new hope the next day.