National Dentist Day 2023: To avoid teeth problems, make distance from these things from today...


National Dentist Day 2023: Do not make the mistake of understanding teeth' yellowing, cavity, gum pain, toothache, or gums, to consider them small problems because if it persists continuously, it starts to weaken teeth. Caviti and teeth of teeth between 6 and 19 years are very common. Which is caused by bacteria freezing on the teeth. To increase the amount of calcium and phosphorus-rich things in food to keep teeth strong even in old age. Also, avoid drinking acidic food items and cold drinks. Apart from this, cleaning teeth is very important not only after waking up in the morning but even before sleeping at night. So which food items reach the teeth with very much damage, we will put look at it.


Consumption of alcohol causes a dry-dry feel. Because of this saliva is made less. Saliva not only keeps the teeth healthy but also prevents food from sticking to the teeth. Moreover, it is also helpful in curing tooth decay, gum disease, and many types of oral infections. So avoid consuming anything that makes the mouth dry. Apart from alcohol, it includes too much tea and a lot.

Sour-sweet candy
Candy-crazy children are not only very big. Sweet candy is harmful to teeth, but there are many types of acids in sour candy. Which remain on teeth for a long time. Due to this, the risk of declining teeth increases. So if you feel like eating sweets, then it would be better to eat a small piece of chocolate instead of candy.

Potato chips are not good not only for the stomach but also for teeth because they contain a lot of starch. Food is made of starch bacteria. Which also damages your teeth. This causes teeth to become weak and rot. So avoid eating chips and if you ever eat, then rinse it after that.

White bread
White bread is also bad for teeth. Eating bread, saliva starts breaking starch into sugar. The bread in the sticky substance gets stuck in the middle of the teeth. Due to this, teeth cause great damage.


Carbonated drinks
Cold drinks are harmful to overall health. Cold drinks contain a lot of sugar. Apart from this, they are made from carbonated water, due to which they also have more acid content. Which works to weaken teeth and gums.