Nali Care: Take care of your nails with these hacks


Take care of diet- Our diet also has a role in keeping the nails beautiful. A lack of calcium and minerals in your diet can also have a bad effect on your nails.

Do not apply too much nail polish - although net paint makes nails beautiful. But applying nail paint on nails continuously has a bad effect on them. Use acetone-free polish to remove nail paint. Also, keep your nails clean. Don't keep it too long.

Take a Biotin Supplement – ​​Biotin is also known as Vitamin H and Vitamin B7. Biotin dissolves easily in water. Our body is not able to store it. So include biotin in your diet daily. Biotin can help in strengthening hair and nails. Apart from this, it also helps our nervous system to function properly.

Always Stay Hydrated – Drinking enough water is essential to staying healthy. Without enough moisture, our nails can break and chip easily. Drinking enough water helps them retain moisture and stay strong.