Nail care Tips:-Follow these nail care tricks, no need to go to the salon

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Nails are also an important part of our beauty. Have you ever noticed that when you do a beautiful manicure on nails, not only your nails but the whole hand looks beautiful and everyone's attention goes to your nails? But many times it happens that during the manicure at home, you have problems ranging from smudged corners to chipped nails and the whole look of the nails gets spoiled. You do not have to face such problems, so most of women prefer to go to the parlor to get nail art or manicure done. However, doing this every time is not a good option.

If you want to have a perfect look while at home, then it is better that you adopt some nail care tricks. So today in this article we are telling you about nail care tricks, which are going to be very useful for you-

Nail filing in one direction

This is the first step that should be taken care of. It is very important to prepare your nails before applying nail polish. For this, proper nail filing should be done, it will prevent your nails from breaking. However, you should adopt this nail care trick during nail filing. Nail filing should always be done in the same direction. For this, you should do nail filing slowly from corner to center. When you do nail filing in one direction, it doesn't damage your nail bed and you get a perfect result.

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Prevent nail paint chipping

When you do a manicure at home, you will often see chipped nails, which look very dirty. In such a situation, this nail care trick is going to be very useful for you. All you have to do is apply two layers of base coat to your nails. First, apply clear polish to the bottom half of your nail for the first coat and then the second coat should be applied to the entire nail. This will help the nail polish to last longer on the nails. Also, the nail paint will not be chipped. 


Trick to prevent nail paint from smudging

When you are applying nail paint at home, then it is more likely to smudge. But if you want to avoid smudging the nail paint, then follow this nail care trick. All you need is petroleum jelly for this. All you have to do is take a cotton swab and apply petroleum jelly to it. Now apply this petroleum jelly around your nails. It will act as a barrier. That way, if you nail paint then settles any mistakes that take into account it will be very easy to remove because the extra nail paint is due to petroleum jelly not Cipakega on your skin.


The trick to roll nail paint 

This is a small trick, but believes me; it will be very useful for you. If your favorite nail polish is a bit out of date, you may need to mix it up to ensure better application on the nails. Usually, in this situation, most of the women shake their nail paint bottles. However, it is not a good idea to shake the bottle of nail paint, as this can cause tiny air bubbles to form inside the bottle which will then go into your nails and ruin your manicure. Instead, roll the bottle between your hands.

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