Nail Care: If you also get a manicure done in the salon then it can cause harm to the skin!



In today's busy life, people often get manicures and pedicure done in salons to keep themselves happy. Although these sessions once a month provide relief, they may also bring some risks and side effects related to skin and nail problems.

Manicure enhances the beauty of hands, but it also comes with many challenges. Chemicals used in manicures, especially nail polish, nail polish remover, or cuticle oil, can be harmful. These chemicals can cause skin allergies and may even cause temporary or serious side effects for some individuals.

Possible side effects of manicure:

Skin irritation:

Chemicals used in manicures, especially nail polish, nail polish remover, or cuticle oil, often contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause skin irritation. If there are cuts or scratches near the nails, these chemicals can enter the skin and cause damage.


Some people are allergic to certain chemicals. People with chemical allergies should consult a doctor before getting a manicure. Excessive allergies can cause infections and breathing difficulties in some people.

Damage to nails:

Nails can get damaged during manicures. Filing nails during a manicure can make them thinner, weaker, and more prone to breaking.

How to avoid side effects of manicure:

To reduce the side effects of manicure, follow these tips-

Opt for a reliable salon for manicure services.

Before getting a manicure, make sure all the tools and products used are properly cleaned.

Before starting a manicure, be sure to inform the salon about your skin sensitivity or allergy.

Request the manicurist to give your nails a break and avoid over-filing or intense nail treatments.

Make sure the salon uses high-quality and safe products for manicures to reduce the risk of side effects.