Nag Panchami 2023: Do's and Don'ts during Nag Panchami!


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Nag Panchami is an important traditional festival in the Hindu community. This happens every year on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month. It comes two days after another festival called Hariyali Teej. On Nag Panchami, Hindus across India gather to worship snakes. The reason for this is the relationship between serpents and Lord Shiva. People believe that by worshiping snakes they can be blessed with good fortune, protection, and kindness.

Snakes are seen as special and divine beings in Hindu stories. This year, Nag Panchami is on 21 August. Those who celebrate this festival are advised to follow certain guidelines while worshiping the serpent deity.

What to do:

Indulge in traditional ceremonies and rituals while worshiping the Nag Devta to seek divine blessings. Along with the rituals, the serpent deity can be appeased by chanting various Nag Panchami mantras.

Opt for fasting or consuming only vegetarian food on this day, as it enhances spiritual connection and purification. These practices are a mark of respect and reverence for the importance of the occasion.

An important ritual involves offering milk to snake idols or images, which symbolizes reverence for the serpent god and invokes blessings of health, happiness, and success.

Visiting temples to worship the serpent deity is a central ritual of Nag Panchami. This tradition expresses gratitude and sincere prayer for divine protection.

Pass on the importance of Nag Panchami to the next generation, emphasizing its traditions and the importance of conserving snakes.

What not to do:

Avoid plowing the earth on the day of Nag Panchami, as it may harm the snakes living below the surface.

Avoid cutting trees during this time, as trees are often inhabited by snakes, and disrupting their habitat can have a negative impact.

Being kind to all living beings, including snakes, is in line with the central belief of Nag Panchami. It is important not to harm or injure the snakes on this occasion.

Although there is a practice of offering milk, its wastage should be avoided. Using more milk is against the sense of protection and respect.

Avoid catching wild snakes for display during the festival, as this may disturb the balance of the ecosystem and adversely affect the snake population, leading to loss of biodiversity.