Must teach your baby these hygiene habits, diseases will stay far away


Baby Hygiene : It is very important for humans to stay healthy and clean. In such a situation, parents should teach their children some important things related to cleanliness


Cleaning of hands

There are many types of bacteria and viruses on hands, which can easily reach our body. Therefore, children should be told about cleaning hands before and after eating at an early age. 

cleaning of teeth

Almost all the small children do not like brushing their teeth. Children should be told about cleaning of teeth. They should be told to brush before sleeping, not to put dirty things in their mouth. All these should be told. 

use the washroom

Children should be taught to use the washroom properly from an early age. Apart from this, they should also be made aware about the cleanliness of hands and feet after using the toilet. 


Dirt gets accumulated in long nails which can enter our stomach after eating food, which can make us sick. In such a situation, we should teach our children the habit of cutting nails from time to time.



As children grow older, parents stop bathing them. In such a situation, it is very important for children to develop the habit of bathing every day. 

clean clothes

Children should develop the habit of always wearing clean clothes. Dirty clothes can cause many diseases.