Must read this news, if you also eat someone's leftover food


It is said in the scriptures that by eating the leftovers of any person, their negative thoughts come into your body. Due to which your nature also becomes completely like the person in front. Whether we eat the leftovers of our brother or that of our friend or that of our parents, by eating the leftovers, many important changes take place in our nature. Let us know that what are the consequences of eating someone's leftover food?

Happiness wanes

By eating someone's leftover food, your pleasures are greatly reduced. It is said in the scriptures. By sharing food with someone or eating someone's leftovers, your pleasures are greatly reduced.

There is trouble in the house

Believe it or not, but if you eat someone's leftover food, then it affects your family very deeply. It is natural to have trouble in your house after eating someone's leftovers.

Impure thoughts

It is natural that the unclean thoughts of the person whose leftover you are eating come into your mind. Due to which their negative words get completely immersed in your mind.