Multani Mitti Benefits: Multani mitti gives amazing benefits to skin and hair, know about it


People do not know how many types of beauty products they use to enhance the beauty of their skin and hair. Many natural things are included in these beauty products, one of which is Multani Mitti. When it comes to beautiful and glowing skin, there can be no better home remedy than 'Multani Mitti'. It is a kind of clay, which contains antiseptic properties, which prove to help remove allergies related to the skin. It is said that during World War II Multani Mitti mixed with water was also applied to the feet to reduce swelling. Given these benefits, it is also used as a natural cleanser and astringent. Today in this episode we are going to tell you how Multani Mitti gives amazing benefits to skin and hair…


Pigmentation is reduced
Continuous exposure to the sun's rays can lead to pigmentation problems. For this problem, make a paste by mixing coconut water and sugar in a multani mitti and apply it to the face. This can reduce pigmentation considerably.

Beneficial for oily skin
Multani mitti can not only help in exfoliating the skin but can also help in regulating oil production for both oily and dry skin types. Sometimes the pores of the skin get clogged due to excessive oil production from the skin. Because of this, pimples start to occur. In such a situation, by applying a multani mitti face pack, the oil released from the skin will be controlled.


Cools the skin
Multani mitti provides a cooling sensation during the summer season which can be a great application to combat intense heat waves. Its use helps in getting rid of many skin problems like sunburn and wrinkles. To use it, you can mix 1 teaspoon of curd and half a teaspoon of rose water in 2 teaspoons of Multani Mitti powder. Apply this mixture to the skin and wash it with water after 15 minutes. This paste helps in cooling the facial skin.