Mother's Day 2023: Take inspiration from these Indian native mothers on Mother's Day

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Certainly! There are numerous Indian native mothers who have displayed remarkable strength, resilience, and love. Here are a few inspiring Indian mothers you can take inspiration from on Mother's Day:

  1. Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa, born in Macedonia and later became an Indian citizen, dedicated her life to serving the poor and marginalized. Her selflessness, compassion, and unwavering commitment to helping others make her an inspiring figure.

  2. Kalpana Chawla: Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian-American astronaut and the first woman of Indian origin to go to space. Her determination, courage, and passion for space exploration serve as an inspiration to mothers and daughters who aspire to break barriers.

  3. Lata Mangeshkar: Lata Mangeshkar, also known as the "Nightingale of India," is a legendary playback singer in the Indian film industry. Her melodious voice and dedication to her craft have made her an iconic figure in Indian music.

  4. Mary Kom: Mary Kom is a renowned Indian boxer and an Olympic bronze medalist. Despite facing numerous challenges, including balancing her boxing career with motherhood, she has shown immense determination and achieved remarkable success in her field.

  5. Kiran Bedi: Kiran Bedi is an Indian social activist and retired police officer. She became the first woman to join the Indian Police Service (IPS) and has since been a prominent advocate for women's rights, education, and social change.

  6. Sudha Murty: Sudha Murty is a renowned author, philanthropist, and social worker. Through her writings and charitable work, she has made significant contributions to education, rural development, and the empowerment of women and children.

  7. Indra Nooyi: Indra Nooyi is a business executive and former CEO of PepsiCo. She is known for her leadership skills and her emphasis on diversity and sustainability. As a working mother, she has inspired many with her achievements and work-life balance.

These Indian native mothers have left a lasting impact in their respective fields and have been an inspiration to many. Their stories of determination, compassion, and success remind us of the strength and resilience of mothers in India and around the world.