Most Expensive Apps: You will have to pay thousands of rupees to use these apps, think a hundred times before installing!


No matter how expensive the smartphone is. But without apps, it is of no use. Therefore, our phones will have WhatsApp installed for chatting, YouTube for watching videos, or Facebook for sharing photos.


But do you know that there are some such apps on Play Store, which you will have to pay a hefty price? These apps cannot be used for free. Here we are going to tell you about the most expensive apps.

Doctor Web Security Space Life
This app is not available for users to use for free. To use this app, one has to pay a hefty price. This app strengthens the privacy of the device and can be used for security. It can be purchased for Mac and laptop.

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine
This application is available for users on the Google Play Store. You cannot use this app without paying even if you want. This is a medical textbook app in which all the information related to medical science is available. This can prove helpful for those who are studying medicine.


Most Expensive Game Series
If you are fond of gaming then the most expensive game series is for you. It has many games which you will have to pay a good price to play. Many games are available in the series. But sadly, no game can be played for free. Rather you will have to pay for it.

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