Morning Routine: Do you also use your mobile first thing in the morning? Change the habit, otherwise, there will be a serious effect on the brain!


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Nowadays almost everyone has a phone, laptop, and electronic items. But many times people use it more. Not even a day passes without a mobile phone. Many people want a mobile as soon as they open their eyes in the morning and even before sleeping. But let us know how dangerous is the habit of using mobile in the morning.

More light on the eyes: After waking up in the morning, after using the mobile phone, the light falls completely on the eyes. It affects the eyes. Due to this, the eyes are not able to work effectively throughout the day. So this danger cannot be avoided until and unless this habit is stopped.

Heaviness in the head: Using a mobile phone in the morning makes our whole day even more stressful. The head feels heavy. The headache persists throughout the day. If you experience these symptoms, avoid using mobile phones in the morning. You will feel positive changes in your life.

Stress-Anxiety: Unwanted or annoying talk on mobile first thing in the morning increases the level of stress and anxiety throughout the day. Increasing BP in the morning also increases the pressure, which can be dangerous for the health of the people.

Negative Effects: Seeing an unpleasant incident from the past or a photo on the mobile phone for the first time after waking up in the morning has a negative effect on the person. According to experts, the result is that the past hijacks the present and lives under the influence of the past instead of living the new day in a new way.

Concentration decreases: It has been revealed in a survey that the habit of looking at the mobile phone first after waking up leads to a decrease in concentration. It affects everything from driving to work and even studies.

To stay active in the morning, instead of looking at the mobile phone, listening to music or meditating will help the mind to relax. It also gives a better start to the day and makes you feel healthier, more energetic throughout the day.