Morning Ritual: Are you also stressed and in a hurry in the morning? Click here to know how to make your life easier


As soon as the alarm rings in the morning, a new morning dawns, but the same old to-do list waits for us every day. Many women lose their temper due to daily tasks or remain under stress all the time which is harmful for their health and that of their family. Let us know how to deal with this marathon race every morning –

1. Make a habit of deciding the routine for the next day the night before. For example, prepare breakfast as much as possible at night. Roast the spices and make powder or paste of them and store them in the refrigerator. You can make the batter and keep it in the refrigerator. Make or prepare chutney and keep it. Peel the garlic and keep it. Prepare some vegetables which can be cut and stored in the refrigerator and store them in a vegetable cotton bag.

2. Create a weekly planner. Prepare a menu of what will be made in the morning and evening in a week. Because the real question is what to cook! That's why when you keep the menu ready, then according to that you will also prepare the food very quickly. This saves a lot of time and if you do not have any food related items at home, you can bring them from the market a day before.

3. If after a certain age , or due to health reasons, you feel unable to do all these things alone, then do not hesitate in taking help. Have a maid who will help you in lightening your work. You can ask him to knead the dough or even cut vegetables. You can also hire a maid to cook food as per your need so that you can do other household chores without any worries. The only aim is not to do any work by throwing yourself , take care of your health and wake up happy in the morning.


4. Talk openly with your partner and share your problems. Tell them how tired you are physically and mentally. Take all possible help from them. You can also share your issues with a close friend or a trusted relative as sharing lightens your mind and also gives you some new ways to deal with them. When children are growing up, then distribute their work to them , like folding their clothes , keeping tiffin , cleaning the house etc. By working together in this way, the children will also learn to do important things in life and you will also get help.

5. Take out time for yoga and meditation. Give priority to mental and physical health. Remember that a normal day can pass without doing your work but with poor health it is difficult to live even a minute.