Money Rules Changing 2024: These rules related to money will change from May 1, it will directly affect your pocket...

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Financial Rules Changing from 1 May 2024- Now only a few days are left for April to end. At the beginning of May, there will be changes in many major rules (Changes in many major rules from 1 May) which will directly impact the pockets of common people. From the first of May, there is going to be a change in the price of LPG cylinders and the charges related to the savings account of ICICI Bank. In such a situation, we are giving you information about what things are going to change from next month.


There will be this change in the rules of Yes Bank's savings account

Let us tell you that according to the information given on the official website of Yes Bank, the minimum average balance (changes in Minimum Average Balance) of different variants of savings accounts has been changed. Now the minimum average balance in Yes Bank Pro Max has become Rs 50,000.

Talking about the maximum charge, it has been fixed at Rs 1000. Whereas in Saving Account Pro Plus Yes Respect SA and Yes Essence SA, the minimum average balance (MAB) limit has now been fixed at Rs 25,000. The maximum charge for this account has been fixed at Rs 750. The minimum balance in the bank's Account Pro is Rs 10,000. The maximum fee for this has now become Rs 750.

Changes in ICICI Bank rules

ICICI Bank has changed the rules of service charges related to its savings account (saving account service charges). Now for debit cards, customers will have to pay an annual fee of Rs 99 in rural areas and Rs 200 in urban areas.

Now you will not have to pay any fee for the bank's 25-page check book (no charges for checkbook). After this, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 4 per page. Now the transaction amount of IMPS has been fixed between Rs 2.50 to Rs 15 per transaction.

HDFC Bank extended the deadline for this special FD scheme

The country's largest private sector bank HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank FD rates) has extended the deadline for the special FD scheme offered to senior citizens i.e. HDFC Bank Senior Citizen Care FD to May 10. The bank is offering a 0.75 percent higher interest rate to senior citizens under this scheme. In such a situation, customers are getting the benefit of a 7.75 percent interest rate on the FD scheme for 5 to 10 years. Under this scheme, senior citizens can deposit up to Rs 5 crore.


Change in LPG cylinder prices

On the first of every month, oil companies change the prices of domestic and commercial LPG gas cylinders. In such a situation, a change in gas prices is possible on the first of May.