Mobile Addiction: At what distance should mobile be kept while sleeping? Many people make this mistake!


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Today mobile has become an important part of everyone's life. People have become so addicted to mobile phones that they want a phone as soon as they wake up in the morning. Not only this, people do not leave their phones even while eating or sleeping. It is not wrong to call it mobile addiction. But this situation is very dangerous and now is the time to be careful. Some people have the habit of sleeping with their mobile phones under the pillow. This is a very dangerous situation. This causes a lot of loss.

How far should the mobile be kept while sleeping?

Most people do not know how far they should be from their mobile phones while sleeping. People who sleep while keeping mobile phones near them have to face many problems. WHO has also warned regarding this. According to a Pew report, 90 percent of teenagers and 68 percent of adults sleep with a mobile phone near their pillow.

However, there are no written standards or criteria for this. But to avoid the radiation emanating from the mobile phone, it is better to keep it away while sleeping. It is better to keep the mobile away from your bedroom. If this is not possible, then keep the mobile phone at least 3 feet away while sleeping. By doing this, the power of radiofrequency electromagnetic coming out of the mobile is reduced. This way you will not suffer from radiation. Therefore, do not sleep with your phone under the pillow.

There have also been some indications of the effect of mobile radiation. WHO has warned people who sleep with mobile phones against its dangers. According to WHO, there is muscle pain, headache, and fertility are also affected. The blue light emitted from mobile phones also disturbs the balance of sleep-inducing hormones. This causes difficulty in sleeping and the biological cycle also gets disturbed.