Millions of kilos of gunpowder were buried in the river for years, now it become the enemy of people's lives, the army was also surprised to see the sight


The world is full of mysteries. When one mystery is revealed, the search for another begins. Discovering mysteries has been a thrill for humans from the very beginning. New information also emerges from these discoveries. Sometimes such secrets come out which are quite surprising to know. These days a similar mystery has been revealed which is surprising. This discovery has happened in the Thames River of England. It has come to the fore in the search that such a ship was sunk in this river, which was loaded with so much gunpowder that it could completely destroy a city. Yes, 77 years ago today this ship sank in the river Thames, on which about 14 hundred tons of explosives were loaded. After so many years of sinking, it has now become an enemy of people's lives, because now this ship can explode at any time. Let us know which ship was this on which so much gunpowder was found ...


Called The Royal Navy
As soon as this news came to light, immediately The Royal Navy was called for help. When the investigation started, it came to light that about 14 hundred tons of gunpowder were loaded on the ship. It is being said that after the sinking of the ship, now this ship can explode at any time. An underwater demolition expert has been called to defuse this gunpowder. It is being speculated that soon these explosives will be defused underwater.


what could be the damage
The Ministry of Defense of England has expressed great concern about these explosives. According to him, the river Thames in which this ship has sunk in the same gas and oil warehouse nearby. If even by mistake these explosives explode, then a huge loss can be caused.


According to media reports, if there is an explosion in the river, then the water will bounce up to about 300 meters and waves will rise up to 5 meters high.

What is the name of the ship and why it sank
The name of this ship is The SS Richard Montgomery. This ship was built in Florida in the year 1943. This ship sank in the River Thames during World War II. Now that this news has come out, it is being monitored for 24 hours. Now it will be kept under observation until it is certain that it is no longer a threat.