Meta AI will be even smarter on WhatsApp!


Meta AI:  Recently, Meta has launched a new feature of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on its instant messaging platform WhatsApp, which is becoming quite popular. The feature we are talking about is called Meta AI. It works somewhat like ChatGPT, which allows users to create images without leaving the app. Now it seems that the company is not going to stop here. The company is planning to make it even smarter. Another new testing of Meta AI is going on on WhatsApp, which allows users to analyze and edit any photo.


In WhatsApp's beta version, users are getting two new features of Meta AI. The first feature is that you can upload a photo and ask questions related to it. The second feature is that you can get that photo edited by AI by writing text. If you want, you can take a photo from your gallery or click a new photo from the camera button in the bottom right corner. Meta says that the uploaded photos will be analyzed by AI, which also includes facial features. Users can delete these photos anytime if they want.

However, it is not yet known what level of editing Meta AI can do on WhatsApp. But looking at other AI photo editing tools, it can be guessed that perhaps it will be able to do things like removing objects from photos, changing or removing background, and changing the look of the photo.

Meta AI is also available on Facebook, and Instagram.

This Meta AI on WhatsApp is based on the company's latest and most powerful language generative AI model Llama 3. This model can understand text, voice, and images and can also give answers in text, voice, and images. Apart from WhatsApp, Meta has also started using AI in its other famous platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. At all these places, users can get quick answers or create images for free by talking to the chatbot.