Merging more than one PF account is now easy, do it like this in 2 minutes!


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Maintaining a single Universal Account Number (UAN) and linking all your EPF accounts to it is considered the best practice. However, due to various reasons, an employee may have multiple UANs. While changing jobs, a new UAN may be generated due to not giving information about the previous UAN to the new employer. Let's see how it can be merged easily.

Know the process

Send an email to mentioning your current active UAN and the UAN you want to merge.

Notify your current employer about the problem. They can help you move the process forward.

EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund Organization) will verify the details and deactivate the previous UAN.

How to transfer funds after deactivation:

After deactivating the old UAN, you need to fill out an offline Form 13 to transfer funds from the deactivated UAN to your active UAN.

You can download Form 13 from the EPFO ​​website.

The form requires information from both your current and previous employers. Both signatures may be required for verification.

Submit a copy of the completed form to your current employer.

Once you complete this process, your UAN will be merged. After this, you can check the status on the EPFO ​​website.